Leftist Who Shot And Killed Trump Supporter In Denver Will Plead SELF DEFENSE

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- A man from Denver, Colorado, who shot and killed a supporter of President Donald Trump In Denver over the weekend is expected to plead self defense, according to reports. Matthew Dolloff was reportedly acting as a security guard to a local news outlet, despite city officials confirming that there were no active licensed security guards in the state with that name.

Dolloff was caught on camera shooting a protester from the Patriot Rally, which consisted of right-wing Trump supporters and activists who were demonstrating in support of police and law enforcement. Their peaceful protest was interrupted by a counter-protest called the “Antifa/BLM Soup Drive.”

Dolloff can be seen in video footage drawing reaching to grab a can of pepper spray from his victim, before drawing his gun and shooting him dead in the street.

According to the New York Post, Dolloff is “being held in a first-degree murder investigation in the caught-on-video death of Lee Keltner.”

Keltner was a Navy Veteran, and reports suggest that Dolloff posted anti-Trump sentiments online and followed a number of far-left politicians on social media. He was also active in the Occupy protests.

Dolloff has yet to be charged, but according to his attorney Doug Richards, he was acting in defense and believes he saw the victim, Keltner, reaching into his shirt. Richards said that he “feared for his safety.”

The attorney also said that they are demanding that Dolloff be considered not to have been part of the protest as he was “working to protect” the First Amendment rights of those protesting, despite shooting a man for using his First Amendment right. And despite the fact that there is so far no evidence that he was a licensed security guard.

“He was not there on behalf of any organization or to advance any political agenda,” the attorney claimed. “You can see in the images that he put his body in between the protester and the reporter. Matt was doing everything he was supposed to do and everything he was trained to do.”

Was Matthew Dolloff trained to shoot people dead in the street?