Left Wing Radio Host Gets Humiliated By Baseball Legend Curt Schilling

(TheFreedomFlag)- The left likes to tell you that cancel culture isn’t real, but in the same week that Harvard students called for Trump supporters to have their degrees stripped from them, a left-wing radio host called for Curt Schilling to be removed from the Phillies’ Wall of Fame for supporting President Donald Trump.

And it didn’t go so well.

Schilling, a former Major League Baseball pitcher and now a commentator for conservative online TV platform Blaze TV said on January 13 that his insurance policy was recently canceled by AIG because of comments made on his social media profiles.

On Twitter, Schilling said that he is sure he will be “just fine” but that he wanted to let Americans know that AIG Insurance canceled his policy over politics.

It’s not the first time companies have banned people from using their services for being conservatives, and it probably won’t be the last. But this time, the decision appeared to be motivated by the Capitol Hill riot on January 6. After a small contingent of Trump supporters, Antifa supporters, and even a CNN reporter stormed the Capitol Building – a move widely condemned by Republicans – Schilling’s commentary appears to have upset his insurance company.

Hours after the riot took place, Schilling took to Twitter to remind the press and the Democrats that they sat by and did nothing as Antifa and Black Lives Matter burned down American cities over the summer.

“You cowards sat on your hands, did nothing while liberal trash looted rioted and burned for Air Jordan’s and big screens, sit back, stfu, and watch folks start a confrontation for s**t that matters like rights, democracy and the end of gov’t corruption,” he said.

And boy, did it make leftists mad.

It prompted sports radio host Mike Missanelli to chip in his thoughts, calling on the Phillies to remove Schilling from their Wall of Fame.

But cancel cultures doesn’t exist…right?

Missanelli specifically referenced Schilling’s tweets, which he inaccurately labeled “racist” (where did Schilling mention race?) and prompted hundreds of people to engage with the tweet.

Yes, only hundreds. Not even a few thousand.

It fell flat, and Schilling finished him off in one fell swoop.

“You know my family, you’ve known me for almost 30 years,” he said. “It takes a special piece of s**t to do and say things you know are lies. Esp given you know my wife and her battle with cancer right now. Do me a huge favor, next time we’re ftf call me a racist.”

Who wants to bet he won’t be doing that?