Lawsuit Claims TENS OF THOUSANDS Of Unsealed Ballots Brought From Out Of State In Michigan, ALL Cast For Democrats

( A new lawsuit filed in Michigan claims that tens of thousands of unsealed ballots were brought by out-of-state vehicles to the election count after election day. The major new allegations, in a lawsuit filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of poll challenges, suggests that invalid or illegal votes may have been brought in to aid the Democrats.

The allegations were made against election officials in Wayne County and Detroit. A press release from the Great Lakes Justice Center details how affidavits of names individuals say that they witnessed election misconduct taking place.

“After election officials announced the last absentee ballots had been received, another batch of unsecured and unsealed ballots, without envelopes, arrived in trays at the TCF Center. There were tens of thousands of these absentee ballots, and apparently every ballot was counted and attributed only to Democratic candidates,” the lawsuit reads.

“Unsecured ballots arrived at the TCF Center loading garage, not in sealed ballot boxes, without any chain of custody, and without enveloped,” it continues.

The complaint said that ballots even came in vehicles with out-of-state license plates, and all ballots found within them “were cast for Joe Biden.”

According to the lawsuit, workers also “systematically used false information to process ballots, such as using incorrect or false birthdays” and that in many instances, the election workers “inserted new names into the QVF after the election and recorded these new voters as having a birthdate of 1/1/1900.”

When media pundits say there is no evidence to suggest there was voter fraud, they are either lying or they are unaware that sworn affidavits are evidence.

Senior counsel David A. Kallman said in a statement that widespread fraud in the counting and processing of ballots “cannot be allowed to stand.”

“Michigan citizens are entitled to know that their elections are conducted in a fair and legal manner and that every legal vote is properly counted,” he said.

The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order that would ban officials from certifying the vote in Michigan until the charges can be fully investigated. It would mean that Joe Biden cannot claim the electoral votes and position himself as president-elect, as he has been doing since the weekend.