Kanye West Chokes Up While Talking Abortion at Campaign Rally

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- It’s 2020, and Kanye West really is running for president. He won’t win, of course – not just because he isn’t running for one of the main parties, but because he won’t be on the ballot in every state. Regardless, he’s pushing forward and held his first campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina. Footage of the event showed crowds of people gasping in shock when he claimed that Harriet Tubman didn’t end slavery, which is a story in itself, but his comments on abortion also caused a lot of controversy.

During his campaign he made it clear that he opposes gun control and abortion, while also supporting the legalization of marijuana. A bizarre combo!

“Do you realize I’m putting my life on the line for the truth?” he said. “I understand it’s exciting. It’s a new world, to have someone who’s not afraid of anyone and only afraid of God and in honor of God.”

West appeared on stage with “2020” shaved into his hair, and footage showed him choking up and even weeping when he talked about how his father wanted to abort him.

“My mom saved my life,” he said. “There would have been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy.”

He even went on to say he had considered abortion in the past, too. “I almost killed my daughter,” he admitted.

This isn’t the first time he’s talked about abortion, either. The rapper told Forbes last month that he believes Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States, is working for “white supremacists to do the devil’s work.” That’s something a lot of Republicans would agree with him on.

On the topic of guns and firearms, West said that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” He also suggested that Americans are currently being “enslaved” by countries like China, and that countries all over the world that don’t allow their citizens to own guns are putting people in danger.

In such a crucial election, would you throw your weight behind Kanye West?