Kamala Harris Says Trump is A Narcissist Who Doesn’t Care About Black Lives

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Senator Kamala Harris, the failed presidential candidate who is widely tipped to be the vice-presidential candidate for Joe Biden, said on MSNBC on Thursday that she believes President Donald Trump is too much of a narcissist to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement.

Naturally, Harris didn’t recognize or acknowledge the fact that Black Lives Matter is a neo-Marxist revolutionary organization that advocates the overthrowing of capitalism, the destruction of the traditional family, and other far-left policies. Perhaps those are the reasons why President Trump isn’t supporting them…

“I mean, I think that we’ve been talking for at least almost four years about the various definitions of narcissism, and ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not about Donald Trump,” she claimed, bizarrely. Who ever said it was about Trump? Everyone knows Black Lives Matter is about demonizing all white people and overthrowing capitalism.

“It is about black lives that do matter. And, unfortunately, we know that’s a phrase Donald Trump will never use because apparently, he does not feel that way. So I think we can move on and do what is necessary to respond to the people who are marching in the streets, demanding one system of justice in America, demanding that we are one step closer to the ideal of equal justice under law,” she added.

Did you see what he did there? With a smug grin on her face, Harris dismissed Trump as an anti-Black racist, claiming he doesn’t believe that black lives matter because he refuses to support a radical left-wing movement that endorses violence.

Don’t believe it? Check out this video of Black Lives Matter chapter leader Hank Newsome saying on Fox News that he endorses burning down the system “figuratively or literally.”

He literally says if the country doesn’t give them “what we want” then they will burn down the system.

I wonder if Kamala Harris has ever stopped to think about the goals of Black Lives Matter, whether she supports that violence, or whether she’s perfectly aware of the distinction but uses it as a stick to beat the president with anyway?