Just HALF of Michigan Voters Think Biden “Mentally and Physically” Capable of Being President

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Polls published by CNN might keep showing presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with a substantial lead over President Trump, but other polls show that people aren’t exactly confident that Biden is up to the job. A new poll in the key battleground state of Michigan suggests that only half of the electorate think the aging former vice president is “mentally and physically” capable of handling the responsibilities of being president.

The poll results were published by Restoration PAC last week, and the results aren’t good for Biden.

Voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan were all asked the same question: “Do you believe Joe Biden is fully up to the task mentally and physically to handle the duties of president of the United States?”

The results will come as a shock to anybody who believes the constant polls showing Biden is going to win in November. In Michigan, only just over 50% of voters said “yes,” and 40.2% of voters said “no.” In Michigan, some 9.5% said they hadn’t decided whether he was up to the job yet. In Wisconsin, the results weren’t drastically different around. Some 50% of respondents said they believed he was up to the job, 42.2% said they think he isn’t, and 7.8% said they hadn’t decided yet.

In Pennsylvania, a key state that Trump carried in 2016 to the surprise of many Democrats, some 48.7% of respondents said they think Biden is up to the task, and 45% said “no.” A further 6.3% said they weren’t sure.

Let me tell you, if they’re not sure he’s up to the task now, just wait for the debates. The moment Biden is forced to come out of his basement and face up against President Donald Trump, his inability to string a sentence together will become clearer than ever. That’s likely why the Biden camp has refused to engage in any more than three debates with President Trump, despite Trump campaign officials offering as many as six debates.

What is Biden so scared of?

The polls were taken between June 8 and 20 among 600 likely voters in the three swing states.