Joe Biden WELCOMES Communist China As Competitor

( President Joe Biden made the shocking statement this week that he welcomes stiff competition from the communist nation of China. It’s a stark departure from the strict policies of the Donald Trump administration that put pressure on China to stop its human rights abuses and cease currency manipulation to become a fair and respectable competitor on the world stage.

“Competition with China is going to be stiff,” Biden said in a speech on Friday. “That’s what I expect and that’s what I welcome.”

It was the first major speech given by the new president on matters of foreign policy and was given via video conference from the White House to the Munich Security Conference. Biden pressed that, in the “global system,” the United States and Europe would compete with the Chinese economy.

“You know, we must prepare together for long-term strategic competition with China,” he said.

The incredible speech, which reaffirmed the president’s commitment to working with China despite their anti-competitive economic practices, came in the same week that he attempted to justify the genocide of the Uighur people in China as simply a matter of China having different “cultural norms.”

During the speech on Friday, Biden also called on his European counterparts to be “clear-eyed” about the historic amount of spending that would need to be used to compete with China, and addressed the issue of intellectual property being stolen from China.

Another issue the president has yet to even address with China…

“We have to push back against the Chinese government’s economic abuses and coercion that undercut the foundations of the international economic system,” he said, despite offering no explanation of how his administration would hold China to account for those abuses.

Biden also revealed that the United States would invest a further $4 billion into COVAX, a global vaccination effort. It comes after the new president indicated that the United States would re-join the World Health Organization without placing any pressure on the international health group to properly investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan, China.

And finally, Biden apologized for President Donald Trump’s pressure over the last four years to European nations to pay their fair share to international organizations like the United Nations, and also expressed his commitment to re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement.

Has the United States left the era of America First and entered the era of China First?