Joe Biden SNAPS When NAACP Says He Isn’t Kowtowing Enough

( Joe Biden lost it during an interview on Tuesday during a forum discussion with representatives of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Biden got visibly angry when the NAACP moderator said that “younger people are concerned” about his position on policing.

Notably, the fact that presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden hasn’t endorsed the total defunding of the police.

In 2020, it’s controversial for a presidential candidate not to support…defunding the police. That’s where we are.

During the interview, NAACP moderator Ed Gordon said that he had received emails from young people saying that they believe he won’t be able to move beyond “traditional policing,” referencing the controversial 1994 crime bill he supported and that they think Biden isn’t doing enough to support change to the police. Gordon asked Biden what to tell them, and Biden simply responded, “I tell them it’s not accurate.”

Gordon moved on to the next question but came back to the topic later in the interview, which is when Biden got a little angry.

“If you said that they were wrong in thinking that, that is their feeling, so give them a sense…” Gordon started, before Biden cut him off and started ranting.

“No, there’s no evidence, no, that’s not true! Show me a poll that says that!” he said, defending his record with young people who increasingly want to defund the police.

“I didn’t say any poll,” Gordon told him.

It is just the latest in a series of angry outbursts from Biden, who not only appears to be unable to defend himself in the face of increasing radical progressivism in his own party, but who continually forgets the names of state leaders and loses his way during interviews.

During the same interview, Gordon encouraged Biden to support reparations for black people. Biden listened to what he said, and took it seriously. This should be terrifying for all Americans. The presumptive candidate for the Democratic Party is considering handing out free cash to people based on tragedies of the past that never affected the people who would get the free cash.

Where do reparations end? Do the ancestors of the people who were taken during the Barbary slave trade get free money too?