Joe Biden Signs Dangerous New Law

( You’d think after signing the most executive orders of any president in American history in his first week in office that we’d all be used to President Joe Biden signing bad laws. But his decision to sign the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill has both Democrats and Republicans angry.

On Thursday, the president signed the massive COVID relief bill into law after forcing American families to wait many months to find out whether or not they would receive any form of direct cash relief from the United States government to assist them after the disastrous lockdowns.

While stimulus checks reportedly started hitting bank accounts as of the weekend, the overall impact of this enormous bill will have seriously damaging effects on the country for many years to come. This is not just a COVID relief bill, but a concoction of radically left-wing policy dreamed up by the Democrats and bailout funds given to badly-run Democrat states.

It’s exactly what President Donald Trump said he would never sign.

Democrats only managed to pass the bill through budget reconciliation – a system that only requires a simple majority vote in the Senate. It meant that Republicans who strongly opposed the bill’s excessive cost had no say in the matter.

The vast majority of the money set aside in the bill does not go to COVID relief, and Republican Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania revealed the shocking truth about it during an interview with the Epoch Times in February.

“I think most of the American people need to know, we already had a trillion dollars worth of money allocated but not yet spent. Now, we’re going to throw another $1.9 trillion on top of that,” Kelly said.

“And only about 9 percent of that is going to actually go to COVID relief, the other is going to go to backing blue states that have not been able to run themselves the right way,” he added.

The bill will also bail out New York and other Democrat-run states and cities. It even erases the $650 million budget deficit for the city of San Francisco over the next two years, meaning City Hall won’t be forced to make service cuts to make up for the wasted dollars already spent.

That’s Nancy Pelosi’s city, by the way.

Let’s just hope that Biden’s next terrible bill doesn’t cost $1.9 trillion.