Joe Biden Postpones Fundraiser Before Leaving D.C. Abruptly

( President Joe Biden is once again spending the weekend at home in Delaware, rather than staying in the White House and doing his job at one of the most uncertain times in American history.

And it’s not a one-off, either. The president spent the last weekend with nothing listed on his schedule at Camp David, and the weekend before that, he and his wife took Marine One to their luxury home in Wilmington and didn’t return to the White House until late on Sunday.

President Donald Trump permanently relocated to the White House from his New York City skyscraper upon becoming president, rarely returning throughout the entire four years of his presidency.

What gives?

Not only did President Joe Biden abandon his duty as president for two days, but he also reportedly postponed a virtual fundraiser originally on his schedule to help Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms.

Either the president doesn’t care about helping allies in his party, or something worrying happened behind the scenes that neither the press nor the American people have been informed of.

The weird revelation was revealed on Thursday, with reporters noting that he will still go ahead with the fundraiser but at a later time and from his home office…likely the same basement he used for much of the presidential campaign.