Joe Biden Politicizes Coronavirus, Makes INSANE Accusations About President Trump

( – Joe Biden, the frontrunner in the Democratic race to become presidential nominee, chose to politicize the spread of the coronavirus this week when he announced his alternative plan for dealing with the outbreak. Unveiling his proposal on Thursday, Biden gave a speech that was touted by supporters as representative of his ability to become Commander in Chief, but which actually missed the mark.

By miles.

In the speech, Biden offered no concrete solutions that could halt the spread of the virus. Instead, he opted to tell the nation to remain calm in the face of the global pandemic, promote “unity”, and of course, keep bashing Trump.

Biden took the opportunity to attack the president for his so-called “adversarial relationship with the truth,” seemingly forgetting the fact that the Democrats LIED when they claimed he called the virus a hoax.

Oh, and of course, Biden threw in an accusation of racism. As you would expect.

In a section titled “Restoring Trust, Credibility, and Common Purpose,” Biden claimed he would “stop the political theater and willful misinformation that has heightened confusion and discrimination.”

His proposal said:

“Biden believes we must immediately put scientists and public health leaders front and center in communication with the American people to provide regular guidance and deliver timely public health updates, including by immediately establishing daily, expert-led press briefings. This communication is essential to combating the dangerous epidemic of fear, chaos, and stigmatization that can overtake communities faster than the virus. Acts of racism and xenophobia against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community must not be tolerated.”


The proposal also said the government needed to be more open0minded and willing to cooperate with other countries. Did Biden not hear the president when he said he was willing to offer significant resources to assist with the severe outbreak in Iran, despite military conflict with the nation in recent months? How much more cooperative can the president be?

Not to mention, President Trump signed into law a massive $8.3 billion spending bill that gives researchers and medical professionals all the resources they need to mount the most effective attack on this disease possible. Add to that the fact that President Trump is still trying to get Congressional Democrats to agree to the elimination of payroll tax to help American businesses and workers, and it’s clear the Democrats (including Joe Biden!) are using this global pandemic as a political tool.