Jeffrey Epstein Warden Now Running A New Prison Despite Probe

( The warden who ran the federal jail where billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein killed himself is now reportedly running another prison, despite an ongoing federal investigation into the circumstances that allowed the criminal to commit suicide while awaiting trial.

The death of Epstein prompted widespread outrage and speculation that he used his connections or money to make it possible to avoid trial by committing suicide.

The Bureau of Prisons previously confirmed that they would delay any move of Lamina N’Diaye to another prison until the inquiry had been completed. And it is not yet complete.

N’Diaye now works as the acting warden at a low-security prison in New Jersey’s Burlington County, FCI Fort Dix. Sources familiar with the matter told the Associated Press about the move.

The bureau previously attempted to move N’Diaye to Fort Dix roughly one year ago, but William Barr, the Attorney General under the Trump Administration, canceled the move after the press got a hold of the story.

Currently, two criminal cases against offices who were meant to be guarding Epstein on the night that he died are ongoing and are not expected to be concluded until the investigation into Epstein’s death has completed. The two officers were charged with lying on prison records after browsing the internet and even sleeping while they were meant to be watching Epstein.

Despite requests for comment, the Bureau of Prisons refused to answer questions about why N’Diaye has been transferred despite the investigation being ongoing. It is unknown whether senior agency officials sought approval to make the move, or whether the Justice Department authorized the move.

Could Joe Biden and his new government officials have had something to do with this?

During the Trump administration, Attorney General Barr ordered N’Diaye to be reassigned to a desk post in Pennsylvania.

While Epstein’s death is still under immense scrutiny, his former partner, British socialist Ghislaine Maxwell, awaits trail at a New York jail.

Reports revealed earlier this month that Maxwell demanded access to a laptop, complaining that the computers inside the jail are “very slow.” Maxwell previously complained about her living conditions in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.