JEB! Consultants Helping Biden Win Florida

( Jeb Bush, the brother of former Republican President George W. Bush, has never been a fan of President Donald Trump. Bush went hard against Trump during the primaries but failed badly, and it looks like his team haven’t fully gotten over it yet. Former consultants for the former presidential candidate are reportedly working with a Never Trump group to get Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden elected in November.

“Republican Voters Against Trump,” a group funded by so-called conservatives Sarah Longwell, Tim Miller, and Bill Kristol, continues to run a campaign in Florida to switch the swing state to the Democrats and help Biden take the White House. The organization appears to be working with Mike Murphy and David Hill, two big Bush consultants, to help the Democrats defeat Trump.

Never Trumpers recruiting advisers for people who were embarrassed by Trump in the 2016 primary. How predictable.

According to The Miami Herald, a group of Republicans who want Trump out of the White House are making a “hefty investment to turn Florida blue.”

“And they have help from one of ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s former top political strategists,” the report says. “Officials with Republican Voters Against Trump, a national super PAC, said Monday they would begin a campaign aimed at persuading politically moderate Floridians to back Joe Biden, hopeful that the support of those voters can swing the battleground state – and possibly the presidency – toward the Democratic presidential candidate this fall.”

The project has reportedly been branded “Project Orange Crush” by the Never Trump group and Bush’s former consultants. Real original. They’re spending between $8 million and $10 million in just the next few months on advertising designed to sway Republicans in the state to vote for the Democrats. There will undoubtedly be some effect, but the widespread riots being committed by Democrats will hardly help their cause.

Plus, Republicans going after a Republican president just reaffirms President Trump’s outsider status. So who knows…this could backfire.

A memo obtained by the Herald said that the organization’s plan is to get the 450,000 Independents and soft Republicans in the state to change sides and swing the election.

Yeah, we’ll see.