Iranian Media Hints That Joe Biden Bombing Syria Was About Helping Islam

( Following President Joe Biden’s decision to bomb Syria on Thursday, Iranian government media outlet Press TV suggested that the decision could be linked to “numerous reports” of American support for the Islamic State.

The bizarre claim is rooted in an Iranian propaganda effort to suggest that the United States is not fighting the Islamic State, while Iran stands opposed to Islamic extremism.

It is a claim that the Iranian government has made for several years, but one that was also repeated in February by Iranian government officials who said that the United States military and the federal government had assisted in rebuilding the Islamic State.

Iranian Chief Justice Ebrahim Raeisi said on February 10 that the United States government helped IS recover its strength, and said that only Iran and the Shiite government of Iraq were truly opposed to ISIS.

Under the administration of former President Donald Trump, however, the Islamic State’s power, influence, and scope dropped significantly, with U.S. military forces reclaiming IS strongholds like Syria, Raqqa, Iraq, and Mosul.

After President Biden authorized new airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, Press TV claimed that “over the years, there have been numerous reports about the infiltration of Daesh elements from Syria into Iraq under the protection and logistical assistance of troops.”

However, the reports referenced by the outlet were mostly from PressTV and other government-backed media outlets in the Islamic nation.

Press TV also cited the propaganda Syrian news outlet, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), claiming that the United States military plans to “transport a new batch of imprisoned Daesh terrorists from the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah to the al-Tanf military base near the border with Jordan.”

The Iranian outlet even suggested that the terrorists were being moved to put them in areas with a greater capability of committing terror atrocities, but provided no evidence that any of these claims were true.

SANA also accused the United States of ordering ISIS terrorists to attack Syrian assets, but only cited anonymous sources to support the claim.

Perhaps the Syrians learned that trick from CNN.

There is no evidence of the United States government ever cooperating with the Islamic State, and no matter how bad the Biden administration might get, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.