INSATIABLE BLM Slams DNC, Says Dems Didn’t Do Enough

( Black Lives Matter and Antifa are insatiable. It doesn’t matter how much you pander to them, it will never be enough – and they confirmed that over the weekend when they claimed that the Democratic National Convention still didn’t “fully align” with their movement.

The radical Marxist organization, which has seen its supporters smash up buildings and even firebomb federal courthouses and buildings across the United States, complained that the Democratic National Convention only paid “lip service” to their radical ideas…even though this was the most radical, left-wing Democratic convention ever held.

According to Politico, BLM founder Patrisse Cullors is not happy with the Democrats and thinks they didn’t go far enough to address what he considers “racial injustice.” It looks like nominating Kamala Harris, a black woman, wasn’t enough.

“It’s been unfortunate to not see the Democratic Party fully align themselves with the powerful work this movement has been doing,” Cullors told Politico.

Can you believe that?

I mean, it’s technically true. While lots of the speakers were very focused on appeasing Black Lives Matter, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were careful not to appear too radical. They know very well that the vast majority of the American public does not support Black Lives Matter’s goals, which include the defunding of the police. So, sure, they haven’t fully aligned – but they’ve done way more than most Americans would be comfortable with.

Another co-founder of Black Lives Matter told Politico that they are waiting to see if the Democrats will do more than just symbolically support them.“It took seven years for Democrats to articulate that Black lives matter,” they said. “Now, the country is watching to see if and how they will close the gap between symbolism and substance.”

BLM know all about symbolism. Their claim that supporting Black Lives Matter is the same as believing that black lives matter is some pretty impressive symbolism and trickery. They know that it’s hard for people to disagree with them when they use a name like that.

Symone Sanders, one of Biden’s most left-wing advisers, pushed back at the idea that the party isn’t doing enough.

“I don’t think George Floyd’s brother, Philonise, thought that it was performative that he was participating in the Democratic National Convention, not a couple months after the horrific killing of his brother,” she said.

At some point, the Democrats are either going to have to capitulate even more or admit that Black Lives Matter is extreme. They are the only two ways they can go.

Which one do you think is more likely?