INSANE: Chicago Renames “Boystown” Neighborhood Because It Isn’t Inclusive Of Women

( This sounds like a parody article, but it’s not. The city of Chicago really has just renamed the iconic “Boystown” neighborhood over concerns that the name is not includes of non-binary people and women. It comes after an “inclusivity survey” found that the famous LGBT neighborhood in the city isn’t inclusive enough because it only references a single gender.

And the worst gender, at that!

The new name will simply be “Northalsted” and it will be branded as “America’s Proudest Neighborhood.”

WGN News reported how the Lakeview neighborhood has been a hub for the LGBT community for around thirty years, but that last week, the area’s business alliance voted to change the name. This will go ahead despite the fact that 58% of residents who responded to the survey said that they didn’t think the name should change.

Only 20% of residents asked about the name said that they were offended because it only references one gender.

The “Boystown” nickname originated in the 1990s originally as a joke but later started being used by the Northalsted Business Alliance to market the town.

Speaking to the local NBC affiliate in Chicago, a representative of the Northalsted Business Alliance said that they are about “inclusivity” and that they believe “times change.”

“We want people to feel welcome,” they added.

Earlier in the summer, the same outlet reported how some neighbors believe that the Boystown name is “unfriendly to anyone who is not a boy” and that “Devlyn Camp started a petition to change the name to reflect a more diverse neighborhood.”

Camp told local media that it should “Include all of us” and that they “shouldn’t have people come to the neighborhood expecting only boys.”

Has anyone ever gone to Boystown, Chicago, expecting that the only people allowed to be there are boys? Wouldn’t that be…illegal?

The petition that encouraged the name change said that the Boystown nickname signals exclusion of lesbian, transgender, and intersex residents and visitors by pushing the ‘systemic transphobia, racism, and sexism that have plagued our neighborhood for decades.”

That’s one hell of a word soup.