Home Sales Data Shows Americans FLEEING Cities Amidst Violence and COVID Chaos

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- New data showing the number of single-family houses sold in October suggests that people are fleeing the cities in huge numbers as crime increases and COVID lockdowns continue to destroy businesses. The data, released on Wednesday by the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, showed new houses sold last month at a seasonally adjusted rate of 999,000.

Figures from September were also revised upwards from 959,000 to 1,002,000.

During a year when large parts of major cities have been burned to the ground by far-left Antifa and BLM activists, and COVID-19 brought many businesses to a standstill, it’s perhaps not a great shock to see substantial numbers of people moving to the suburbs and leaving their apartments behind.

The October figure for 2020 was 41.5% above the data from the same month last year, even during a pandemic. Breitbart reported that, apart from the revised number from September, it is the “fastest sales rate since November 2006.”

August and July figures were also adjusted, and show a massive increase in the purchase of single-family homes that could well be the beginning of a new trend of people moving away from the cities. Even when the vaccine is fully rolled out and the pandemic is over, so many millions of people have now learned to work from home that living in the city might no longer be a necessity.

The low mortgage rates have helped people get on the property ladder, too.

Could this be the end of the liberal cities?

New homes made up roughly 14% of the housing market. The median selling price rose to $330,600, which was a 2.5% increase over last year. The rise in prices means that demand has increased, and supply has struggled to keep up with demand for homes. With lockdowns potentially on the way out, construction companies and real estate investors will need to keep up with the pace of demand before interest declines again.

With the huge increase in violent crimes in cities like Chicago and New York, however, it may be a while before people want to move back there.