Harry Potter Actor Says People Who Don’t Wear Masks Should Die Or Be Put In Prison

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Jason Isaacs, an actor best known for his roles in Star Trek: Discovery and the hugely popular Harry Potter movie series, said recently that people who do not wear masks in prison should either be killed or put in prison.

Isaacs, who has previously made derogatory comments about the daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, said during a daytime British TV show that he thinks people who refuse to wear masks in public don’t deserve to live.

“The thing about masks is somehow I’m made less annoyed by the people who refuse to wear masks, who I think should be in the stocks or in prison, than by the people who are wearing it with their nose sticking out,” he said.

And yes, he only said they should be put in the stocks – devices that hold people by their arms and head so they can be shamed publicly – but his comments soon became more extreme.

“We all know that you transmit and receive it more through your nose,” he said.

We do?

“And what about the people who I’m talking to who pull it down to have a chat and put it back up again? They should be hanging in the streets,” he said.

Hanging in the streets, unless there’s some other definition we don’t know about, means they should be killed.

Isaacs dismissed the comments as “obviously jokey” and claimed that Breitbart and Daily Mail reporters “misreported” him. But, the comments he made were the comments that were reported.

“You catch the virus if you breathe it in. Killing me can’t stop that,” Isaacs said to trolls that he claimed were threatening him with violence.

The 57-year-old actor joined Lorraine Kelly, one of the most famous daytime and breakfast TV hosts in Britain, to talk about how people are struggling during the pandemic. He also discussed how he had recently returned to acting to take part in the Netflix show “Sex Education.”