Greta Thunberg Calls for Change After U.S. Riots, Tries to Become Relevant Again

( With the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus, any topic other than the virus stopped being newsworthy. At first, it looked like we finally may see less of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, but she soon turned up on our screens as a member of an “expert” panel on the virus. Now, it looks like Thunberg is trying to inject herself into yet another big issue…the riots.

Far-left activist Thunberg expressed her sadness over the violent riots taking place across the United States on Twitter on Sunday night, though she really focused on the idea that the police are institutionally racist.

“Devastating to see the development taking place in the USA,” Greta (or her parents) said on her Twitter account.

“Centuries of structural and systematic racism and social injustice won’t go away by itself. We need a global structural change. The injustices must come to an end. #BlackLivesMatter,” she added.

Thunberg didn’t mention anything about the many black businesses that have been destroyed in the riots, and the death of African American retired police officer Captain David Dorn, who was shot dead while trying to protect a pawn shop from looters.

Her comments come just a few days after she started her anti-climate change campaigning against after a hiatus during the coronavirus outbreak. Thunberg hit out at Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, for channeling its wastewater into the ocean. She expressed her disappointment that the city that aims to be “climate neutral by 2025” is the one to pollute the ocean.

What this tells us is that no matter what global events we’re dealing with, we’re probably not going to see the back of Greta Thunberg. It also shows us that she’s only really concerned about issues if they fit a far-left agenda. The tragic death of George Floyd is blamed on institutional racism by her political allies, but the impact the violence is having on black communities across America is being ignored by Thunberg because that’s more controversial to mention.