Governor Cuomo Staffer Allegedly Attacked With Cinder Block (REPORT)

( There are some odd things going on with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s staff, with an arrest taking place on Friday of a man suspected of striking a woman over the head with a cinder block. The victim reportedly works in Governor Cuomo’s office and was attacked on Thursday afternoon.

ABC 7 reported that 28-year-old Christopher Guzman is facing an assault charge over the incident, in which a 51-year-old woman, Lisa Cavanaugh, was struck across the back of the head while in Manhattan.

Cavanaugh reportedly passed by a construction site in the city when a stranger appeared behind her holding a brick, and then hitting her over the head and fleeing the scene. Police say that she was briefly knocked unconscious by the attack but quickly taken to Bellevue Hospital.

The attack took place in broad day, and the suspect was caught on camera. Sources said that Cavanaugh was understood to be walking home from work at the time of the attack, and two bystanders who witnessed the attack alerted the police.

Cavanaugh was treated in hospital with stitches required to close the wounds. Thankfully, she is reportedly recovering and hospital staffers took good care of her, according to a source published by the New York Post.

The Post published a photograph of the suspect on Twitter.

Who commits a crime like this, let alone in broad daylight and for, apparently, no reason?

There is so far no indication that Cavanaugh knew the person that attacked her.

It comes as violent crime in New York City continues to grow. Earlier this month, the New York Police Department said that in the 11 months of 2020, shootings across the city had surged to levels not seen in many years. Officers said there were 115 shootings in November 2020 compared to 51 in November 2019.

Why are Democrats so incapable of making cities safe places to live?