GOP Lawmakers Demand Investigation Into Iran

( This week, the Biden administration capitulated to the terrorist-supporting Iranian regime and expressed willingness to re-join talks with the country over the failed 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

Republican lawmakers also gathered to petition the House Foreign Affairs Committee to begin hearings on “Iran’s nuclear program, their support for terrorism, and their attempts to intimidate our allies.”

Can you tell which side cares more about American interests?

The Republican lawmakers were led by Representative Bryan Steil of Wisconsin and published a letter that was sent to the House. Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday. The letter requests that the leadership of the committee begin a probe into recent moves made by Iran to increase the level at which uranium is enriched in the country, potentially leading towards the development of a nuclear weapon.

The letter says that Congress should make moves to “review existing policies and programs designed to counter the full range of Iranian threats.”

Steil was joined by high-profile Republican House members, including Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

“Congress needs to examine our policies to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power and ensure the Biden administration does not squander President Trump’s successful maximum pressure campaign,” the statement reads.

“The United States cannot return to the days of sending pallets of cash to Iran’s leaders, supporting Iran’s pursuit of terrorism, and allowing the regime to continue its nuclear buildup.”

The legislators referenced the ongoing enrichment of uranium in Iran, and said that the Iranian regime’s constant threats to the United States, it is “critical that a hearing be held to address these issues.”

Robert Malley, the Iran envoy under the Biden administration, has begun preparation to re-enter negotiations with Iran after the nation’s leaders refused to back down and refrain from breaking the conditions of the agreement before coming back to the table with the United States.