Ghislaine Maxwell Proposes New Bail (REPORT)

( Ghislaine Maxwell, former partner and long-time confidante of dead billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, proposed a $28.5 million bail package in a fresh attempt to be freed from a jail in New York. A motion, which was unsealed on Monday, shows just how far Maxwell is willing to go to get out of prison while the Epstein case goes through the courts.

The proposed package would see Maxwell leave the prison, with armed guards outside of one of her luxury homes 24 hours per day. The guards would supposedly ensure that she stays in New York City and doesn’t attempt to flee justice, according to a filing in the Manhattan U.S. District Court.

Given that Jeffrey Epstein was so notoriously slippery, and even mysteriously committed suicide while in prison and on suicide watch, it seems farfetched that the deal will be accepted at this stage.

58-year-old Maxwell is in prison on charges related to Epstein’s abuse of women and young girls. She is accused of helping with the trafficking of underage girls, who Epstein and his colleagues sexually abused. She and Epstein married in 2016, giving her access to great wealth after his death.

As part of the proposed bail deal, Maxwell said that she would post a $22.5 million bond that mirrors her assets. Most of the rest of the remaining bail would then be posted by various friends and family members.

Attorney Mark Cohen, who represents Maxwell, said that it is “exceptional in its scope” because it “puts at risk everything that Ms. Maxwell has.” It includes all of her and her husband’s assets, along with the livelihood of her friends and family.

The fact that just $22.5 million remains of her and her late husband’s assets remains is astonishing in itself, and many have speculated that the couple has assets hidden overseas.

If Maxwell is successfully released from prison, she would be monitored electronically, according to the filing.

The filing also explained how Maxwell still “vehemently maintains her innocence” and should not be considered a flight risk.

Her lawyers said that Maxwell wants to stay in New York and have her day in court so that she can “clear her name and return to her family.”

Officials might be hard-pressed to allow Maxwell to leave the prison, given that she is already under strict monitoring to ensure that she does not see the same fate as her late husband. Epstein was charged in July 2019 with sexually abusing and trafficking many young girls and women, and was later found dead in a Manhattan jail cell. The city’s medical examiner said he committed suicide, but speculation about the true cause of his death continues.

Maxwell is expected to go to court in July next year, and if found guilty, faces up to 35 years in prison.