First Autistic White House Intern Gets Position Under Trump Admin

( President Donald Trump is all about breaking records and doing things for the first time, and on Christmas Eve it was reported how White House intern Xavier DeGroat became the first known person with autism to be given a position in the People’s House.

“It means a lot that I interned at the White House and became the first autistic White House intern,” 30-year-old DeGroat said in an interview with Fox News.

DeGroat is currently a Northwood University student and an autism advocate. He took part in a three-month internship at the White House, helping to process letters sent to the president in the White House correspondence office.

DeGroat was also the founder of a Lansing, Michigan, autism foundation that was established to “create and promote opportunities for people with autism through advocacy, education, economic opportunities, and humanitarian efforts.”

Various members of the Trump administration publicly tweeted their support for DeGroat and thanked him for his work.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos thanked him for his work, calling him a “champion for individuals w/ autism.”

DeGroat told Fox News that he hoped the White House would become the “permanent institution” that he worked with to make differences for people on the autistic spectrum.

“I know this sounds interesting or weird, but have you ever heard of Billy Graham? I want to be considered the evangelist for autism to all presidents in the future,” he added.

But with a possible Joe Biden administration on the horizon, and DeGroat’s open support for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the Trump administration, that doesn’t seem all that likely.