“Fastest Economic Recovery In American History” – Trump Shows Off V-Shaped Recovery

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(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Ever since the U.S. government was forced to take action against the COVID-19 pandemic and force businesses to close their doors, President Trump has talked about the possibility of a V-shaped recovery. That’s the idea that jobs, the stock market, and other economic indicators quickly dip, and then rise against just as quickly.

It creates a “V” shape on graphs that depict the economic recovery, and during a press conference on Saturday evening, President Trump showed off that V-shaped recovery and announced that the United States is experiencing the “fastest economic recovery in American history.”

President Trump made the comments from his Bedminster, New Jersey club. It comes as Democrats claim the president was taking a vacation from his duties, when in fact, he was using the club as a base to continue his vital work as president, overseeing this incredible economic recovery.

Journalists were shown a series of charges that showed how auto salves are setting records, retail spending is increasing dramatically, and the industrial sector is showing quick signs of recovery too. The president also described how the stock market was improving despite the historic plunges seen in the immediate wake of the Chinese coronavirus. The president promised that the economic growth would continue, that the unemployment rate would keep going down, and the GDP rate would increase too.

“I think you’ll see it over the next two months and you will have a good report prior to the election,” he told journalists.

It’s bad news for the Democrats. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been using the COVID economy as a stick to beat the president with. Along with his extremely unlikeable VP pick, Kamala Harris, Biden claimed that the economic downturn was Trump’s fault and completely admonished China and the coronavirus of any blame. The Democrats will depend on poor economic recovery and high unemployment rates to try and win over votes, but it looks like the economy will have improved significantly by the time November comes along.

“I think the Democrats are going out of their way to stop these kinds of numbers,” President Trump said in reference to the fact that congressional Democrats refuse to negotiate on the next coronavirus relief package. “They don’t like these kinds of numbers because they think it will hurt them in the election, I think we all have to pull together.”

While the Democrats are playing party politics with the virus, President Trump is overseeing a historic economic recovery. Make of that what you will!