Failed VP Candidate Tim Kane “DISTRESSED” By Schools Returning In Fall

( Despite children being at the least risk of suffering from serious symptoms of the Chinese coronavirus, Democrats seem obsessed with the idea of keeping the schools closed for as long as possible. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential candidate pick, Senator Tim Kaine, said you was distressed by President Donald Trump’s commitment to returning children to school in the fall.

During an interview on MSNBC, Kaine said that he thinks Trump is handling the COVID-19 outbreak badly and that the president has “preached quack medicine.” This, despite the fact that the two drugs President Trump championed as potential treatments for coronavirus, Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir, have both been approved for the treatment of COVID patients.

“I am really distressed with the way the administration is handling this,” the Democratic Senator said. “The question is not whether schools will reopen. They will reopen in the fall. The question is will they reopen online or in-person or in some combination. Who do parents of school-age kids trust to make that decision? Do they trust local principals and superintendents or school boards, or do they trust Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos?”

Well, given the electorate voted for President Donald Trump to be President of the United States, it’s hardly a stretch to suggest that a significant portion of the country trusts Trump to be in charge.

Kaine then said that Trump has “preached quack medicine” and even “denied this was a health problem.”

This is a verifiable lie, based on comments Trump made about the Democrats treatment of him. President Trump called the Democrats’ ongoing attempts to smear him as a “hoax,” which Democrats then said was an example of him calling the virus a hoax. Even Snopes admits it’s a lie.

“Dona’d Trump wouldn’t wear the mask until the sixth month of this crisis,” Kaine added. “Donald Trump makes his own supporters sign liability waivers before they attend campaign rallies.”

Well, at least Trump can gather enough people to come to a rally, while Biden stays at home. As for the mask issue, given the President of the United States is tested regularly for the virus and masks are really only to stop asymptomatic spreaders from transmitting the virus…what exactly is the point of Trump wearing one?

The question is…do parents want to their kids stuck at home for another year without attending class?