Facebook Will Now Remove “Misleading” Posts They Deem Unfit

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Another day, another Facebook censorship controversy.

Recently, Facebook said it will start to remove posts that include any claims about COVID-19 vaccines that the company thinks are misleading or false. Included in this very general directive are posts that say vaccines in general can cause autism, or that it may be safer to contract COVID-19 than to receive the vaccine that protects against it.

The New York Times was the first to report on this new development from Facebook.

Starting in October, Facebook began to ban accounts form purchasing advertising on any of its platforms that included any misleading or false information about the COVID-19 vaccines. Then, two months later, in December, they said it would remove any post that include claims that were official debunked by any government agency or the World Health Organization.

Now, Facebook is targeting posts that aren’t paid for. The social media giant is reportedly zoning in on groups and pages on Facebook that post information they consider misleading about the coronavirus vaccines.

To back up their claims, Facebook has said that they consulted with “leading health institutes” as well as the World Health Organization to create a list of things that would constitute misleading or false claims around the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as vaccines in general.

In a company blog post, Facebook’s head of health, Kang-Xing Jin, wrote:

“In 2021, we’re focused on supporting health leaders and public officials in their work to vaccinate billions of people against COVID-19. Building trust and confidence in these vaccines is critical, so we’re launching the largest worldwide campaign to help public health organizations share accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines and encourage people to get vaccinated as vaccines become available to them.”

Facebook is relying on its very controversial Oversight Board, which was created just this year. The group is supposed to be an independent panel that will review decisions that the policy team from Facebook makes.

Then, the Oversight Board will ultimately rule on what Facebook should do. The company is hoping that this “independent board” would bring some legitimacy to the way they handle what they term misinformation.

One of the Oversight Board’s recent rulings said Facebook should create an additional standard for any misinformation that’s related to health. The board termed Facebook’s current rules around this misinformation to be “inappropriately vague.”

If there’s any question as to where Facebook’s intentions lie, they are giving advertising credits to various organizations in hopes that reliable information will be spread about vaccines in general as well as the coronavirus.

As Jin wrote in his blog post:

“We’re working with health organizations and community leaders to run campaigns on our platform promoting accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines and encouraging people to get vaccinated. We’re giving $120 million in ad credits to help health ministries, NGOs and UN agencies reach billions of people around the world with COVID-19 vaccine and preventive health information. And we’re providing training and marketing support to help governments and health organizations move quickly and reach the right people with the latest vaccine information.”