Facebook To Unban Political Ads

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- On Wednesday, Facebook announced it was reversing course on a very controversial decision.

Starting on Thursday, the company will lift their ban on political advertising that was placed on their entire network. Advertisers will now be able to buy new digital ads about “social issues, elections or politics,” according to an email they sent to various political advertisers. That email was viewed by reporters at the New York Times.

According to Facebook, the advertisers have to complete various identity checks before they are finally authorized to purchase the political ads. In a blog post, the social media giant wrote:

“We put this temporary ban in place after the November 2020 election to avoid confusion or abuse following Election Day. We’ve heard a lot of feedback about this and learned more about political and electoral ads during this election cycle. As a result, we plan to use the coming months to take a closer look at how these ads work on our service to see where further changes may be merited.”

Of course, Facebook reversing course is really nothing new. They have been inconsistently applying rules and views for years now.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said he wanted to keep a hands-off approach toward speech on the social media site. His exceptions are if the post posed any immediate harm to individuals or the public at large. He has often said he doesn’t “want to be the arbiter of truth.”

Despite those comments, Facebook started putting limits in place on various forms of free speech. This all came after the 2016 presidential election, when intelligence officials along with Facebook discovered that Russians used the site to influence Americans’ decisions.

Then, Facebook took a hard stance against conservative voices. They particularly silenced former President Donald Trump, starting in 2019 when he began running Facebook ads to boost his viewpoints on immigration through the southern border.

That eventually led to Facebook banning political ads altogether in late 2020. They first banned any new political ads that would run the week before the November 3 election, then they expanded that decision to prohibit all issue- and political-based advertising after polls closed on Election Day.

When they announced that move, Facebook didn’t say if there would be an end date to that ban.

In another case of inconsistency, the social media giant decided to lift the ban in December. That was done so that some advertisers would be able to run political ads and ads for the candidates in the Georgia Senate runoff elections. That seems like a very one-sided decision at a time when Democrats were pushing hard (and spending loads of money) to try to take control of the upper chamber of Congress — which they were successful at.

Many Democrats, like super-progressive Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, railed against the political ad ban specifically because it hurt their cause. She tried to spin it so that it didn’t sound like a slanted viewpoint, but it didn’t work. She said:

“It really ended up hurting good actors while bad actors had total free rein.”

AOC is trying to say that liberals are the good actors while conservatives are the bad ones. Nice try.