EU BANS Menthol Cigarettes In UK…Even After Brexit!

( The European Union has banned the sale of menthol cigarettes and tobacco across its member states, meaning people living within its borders will have an even smaller selection of tobacco products to choose from. It follows earlier bans that stopped the sale of small bags of tobacco and small 10-packs of cigarettes. The move is shocking enough for anybody interested in personal liberty and freedom, but what makes it even more shocking is that the rule came into effect in the United Kingdom on Wednesday despite the country having voted to leave.

The UK will obey the EU directive owing to the fact that the country is currently in a “transition” period of Brexit. It means the UK is technically no longer a member of the EU, but still trades with the bloc as if it were. As a result, EU directives and laws still apply in the UK.

What’s even MORE shocking is that the directive doesn’t even expire at the end of the transition period on December 31st this year – it’s permanent.

The Sun reports how the new regulations were originally put in place to reduce the number of people smoking, and to also deter young people from starting smoking. However, at a time when young people are flocking to vaping even if they’d never smoked before, it’s not clear exactly how much of a difference the new rules will make. Bureaucrats in the European Union argue that menthol should be banned because it is marketed towards people who are new to smoking because of its “cooling” effective and that it is more attractive to young people.

It leaves the United Kingdom in a situation whereby smokers are still forced to pay extremely high prices for tobacco products, and where tobacco companies are forced to sell their products in disgusting packages that display images of cancers, wounds, and more. British shopkeepers will also be required to continue hiding cigarettes from customers.

If you enter a shop in the United Kingdom right now, cigarettes are kept behind the counter and behind a screen that hides them from view.

All of these rules were implemented by the European Union and unless Boris Johnson and his Conservative government decide otherwise, they’re expected to stay in place.