Estonian Gov Minister SLAMS Biden As “CORRUPT,” Calls US Election “Falsified”

( Mart Helme, Estonia’s Minister of the Interior, made the shocking announcement on Monday that he has resigned from the government. It followed comments about the US presidential election in which he branded Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden as “corrupt characters” and even said that the results of the election were “falsified.”

Helme is the co-founder of the populist party the Estonian Conservative People’s Party. His resignation appears to be involuntary and a direct result of his comments about the presidential election, at a time when world leaders are rushing to congratulate Joe Biden for winning the election even though the results are not yet known.

The government minister said that Joe Biden had benefited from the work of the “deep state” that wanted to smuggle in “corrupt scumbags who can be blackmailed.”

His comments are not completely unfounded given the revelations relating to his son Hunter Biden that came from former business associates of the Biden family, and the contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden and abandoned at a Delaware computer repair store. The laptop revealed how Hunter Biden appeared to have been making business deals with Ukrainian and Chinese businesses, and that his father may have been in on it.

Helme said that President Donald Trump, through the legal battles, would “win eventually” and that it would “happen as a result of an immense struggle, maybe even bloodshed, but justice will win in the end.”

The Estonian Prime Minister, Juri Ratas, told Helme on Sunday that he should stop making what he calls “unsubstantiated” statements that he believed were damaging relations between Estonia and the United States.

Let’s be honest – if Biden really does become president, comments like this probably are going to hurt working relationships between the countries. Hence the “resignation.”

On Sunday, Helme and his son both appeared on a radio show in which they both discussed the US election being “falsified.”

“If this goes through, then the Constitution will no longer apply in America,” he said.

On Monday, he told the press that he was just telling the Estonian people what press in America was saying about the election.

Offering his resignation, Helme said he is tired.

“I am tired. I did nothing yesterday that would endanger Estonia’s security,” he said. “I have not said anything that has not already been told by the American media, the American free media.”

The results of the US presidential election are still yet to be confirmed by the courts.