Epstein Mansion Draws Huge Price As Rich People Buy It

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Dead billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein might have been a monster, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping millionaires snapping up the luxurious properties where he is understood to have sexually abused young women and girls.

According to reports this week, Jeffrey Epstein’s former Upper East Side home was the priciest residential contract signed in Manhattan last week, with some 36 luxury contracts being signed in just seven days. Each contract was worth at least $4 million, showing that millionaires really are thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic, and perhaps even taking advantage of dropping property prices in the Big Apple.

I mean, who wants to live in a crowded, violent, crime-ridden, and Democrat-dominated city these days?

A report from Olshan Realty revealed that for five consecutive weeks, over 30 luxury property deals were signed in New York City. And according to the author of the piece, Donna Olshan, the market is very much on par with 2015’s sales numbers.

“The big difference is that the discounts are three times as great and the marketing time is three times as great,” she wrote. “A lot of [the volume] has to do with discounts.”

Olshan described Epstein’s property as a “7-story, 50-foot-wide limestone mansion” that has “28,000 square feet” and which is “one of the largest private residences in New York.”

We’re assuming the new owners will scout the place out for hidden cameras before getting too comfortable…

According to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein’s old home was worth roughly $50 million.

The property was only on the market for seven months, which in the New York luxury real estate world is a pretty quick turnaround even without the damaging connection to the dead billionaire sex offender and pedophile.

There was, however, a pretty hefty discount on the property. It originally went on the market in July 2020 for $88 million – almost double what it eventually sold for.

It was the most valuable property in Epstein’s portfolio, and the guy literally had a private island with a mansion on it.

Epstein’s Palm Beach home is also expected to be sold to real estate developer Todd Michael, according to reports from November last year, but the deal is yet to close.