Donald Trump Says America Biden Administration Is “Destroying Our Country”

( Former President Donald Trump is being just as critical of the Biden administration as you would probably have guessed, speaking to “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax on Monday about the series of crises hitting America all at once.

The former president even said that the Biden administration is “destroying our country” by allowing the crisis at the southern border to continue, and by diminishing America’s energy independence.

“They’re destroying our country, and we just can’t let these things to continue to happen,” Trump said. “whether it’s the border or energy independence.”

Trump noted how the price of gasoline is “going up like nobody thought would be possible,” hitting millions of American families at the worst possible time.

The former president also reminded Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly that under his administration, gas prices hit lows not seen in years.

“Now they’re going up. We’re making Russians and Saudi Arabia and all these other Middle East countries, and others, richer,” the former president said.

It’s not the first time that President Trump has made the claim about the Biden administration either, telling Fox News this month that the new administration is bringing violent criminals into the country by encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to cross the people.

“Well they are destroying our country,” he said. “We’re bringing the violence to our country, because many of the people coming are not nonviolent people, they’re violent people.”

During the recent Newsmax interview, Trump also indicated that he and the GOP would not be dropping the questions they have about President Joe Biden’s son’s connections to Ukraine. The First Son was famously hired by Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company, to sit on its board despite having zero experience in the industry.

While Biden destroys the country, President Trump is working behind the scenes to prepare conservative candidates to replace Democrat members of Congress in the 2022 elections, and conservative filmmakers are even crowdfunding a movie about Hunter Biden to make his scandals more easily accessible and understandable to the general public.