DNC ELIMINATES Tulsi Gabbard From Debates

(TheFreedomFlag.com) – Tulsi Gabbard is currently the only major Democratic presidential candidate who isn’t a white male. But, the Democratic National Committee doesn’t seem to think she’s good enough to appear on stage and have confirmed a change in the rules that ensures she won’t be on stage for the March 15 debates.

On Friday, the DNC announced updated qualifying standards that mean Tulsi Gabbard can’t take part in the Arizona debates – leaving Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden to thrash it out between the pair of them.

The debate will be hosted by Univision and CNN and will feature two of the oldest, whitest, and craziest candidates ever to come from the Democratic Party.

Gabbard had initially qualified for the debate by picking up a delegate on Super Tuesday, courtesy of American Samoa, but the DNC quickly put a stop to her hopes of taking on the two big party names.

Under the new rules, a candidate must have achieved 20% of the delegates awarded from March 15. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden comfortably meet that criterion.

The debate will be the least crowded of any during this race, but may also be the most controversial. Bernie Sanders and his campaign team are acutely aware of efforts by the Democratic National Committee to ensure he doesn’t win the nomination. His supporters are still angry from the stitch up in 2016.

With that in mind, Sanders will need to present his case as best he can but do so in a way that will convince Democratic voters that he is still the best man for the job. Joe Biden will need to prove to Democratic voters that Sanders’ plans are unworkable and that he could not win in an election against Donald Trump.

Either way, both candidates have major flaws that need to be addressed. Republicans will be looking to see if Biden makes any more serious mistakes, to present him as unfit to become president. That should be easy, as Biden has repeatedly forgotten where he was, forgotten words of his speeches, and even suggested 150 million Americans died as a result of gun violence without even realizing he made a mistake.

Gabbard’s campaign did not immediately respond to media requests for comment on the matter. However, given her team has protested events in the past when she has been excluded, we shouldn’t expect the Hawaii congresswoman to go down without a fight.