Despite Abysmal Results, Pelosi Re-Elected House Speaker…Will It Never End?

( Even though the Democrats had a terrible night on November 3, with Republican House candidates winning every “toss-up” race, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has somehow been re-elected as House Speaker once again.

Pelosi was widely criticized following the election, with Democratic Representatives engaging in a civil war over the future of the party’s platform. In a letter to her colleagues on the day after the election, Pelosi said that the results were “challenging” but that she believes they “have the opportunity to deliver extraordinary progress” by working with a Biden administration.

The letter incorrectly assumed that Biden had won the election, but made clear that she believed she could deliver “lower healthcare costs” and “bigger paychecks by building green infrastructure and cleaner government.” If Obamacare and the eight years under his and Biden’s administration is anything to go by, then those are probably empty promises.

One senior staffer at Capitol Hill reportedly said that they “spent most of this year being weak, feckless and easily caricatured as extreme, and this is the result.” The staffer also said that Republicans were able to flip several seats, including in places like South Florida, by building on the radically left-wing and socialist ideas pushed by some of the most extreme members of the Democratic Party. The same kind of people Pelosi rubbed shoulders with since the 2018 midterms.

Even Black Lives Matter types don’t seem to like her very much, with activist Adam Best saying that her “business as usual” approach “isn’t cutting it.”

But despite the war, Pelosi has won. She has been the leader of the Democratic caucus for 20 years, and House Democrat Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries had nothing but good things to say about the divisive politician.

“Nancy Pelosi is a legendary speaker,” he said. “One of the best who’s ever done it, ever, in the history of the republic. She certainly has my strong support.”

“Whatever happens in the future is going to happen,” he added. “During the Trump era, we’ve just all been trying to get to tomorrow. Now, we’re trying to get to Jan. 20, and it will be a new day in America.”

If Pelosi’s attitude towards Republicans and President Trump is anything to go by, the next two years at least will see Pelosi refuse to work with the new Republican members of Congress on matters like COVID relief.