Cruz Tells CNN And Microsoft To Lockdown To See What It Feels Like (REPORT)

( Republican Senator Ted Cruz hit out at Microsoft CEO Bill Gates on Sunday following a CNN segment in which he advocated for continued lockdowns across the rest of the country. During an interview with far-left propagandist Jake Tapper, Bill Gates said that bars and restaurants across the country would likely remain closed and that he thinks it’s the right move.

“Bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed…and I think sadly that’s appropriate,” he said.

During the “State Of The Union” segment, Tapper nodded along as Gates advocated for the shutting down of small businesses across the country.

But Cruz, a staunch defender of liberty, had plenty to say about it.

“Leftists: a millionaire & a billionaire discuss how they think its [sic] ‘appropriate’ to destroy & bankrupt small businesses across America,” Cruz said on Twitter.

“Tell you what…halt ALL salaries at CNN & Microsoft, stop paying Dem politicians & then let’s see if they think TWO MORE YEARS shut down is OK,” he added, referencing Gates’ comments that lockdown is likely to go on until 2022.

Tapper asked Gates whether he thinks that more states need to consider taking the kind of drastic action seen in the early days of the pandemic.

“Well, certainly mask-wearing has essentially no downside,” Gates said. “They’re not expensive, bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed as we go into this wave. And I think, sadly, that’s appropriate. Depending on how severe it is, the decision about schools is much more complicated because there the benefits are pretty high, the amount of transmission is not the same as in restaurants and bars,” he said.

But, the issue of transmission in bars and restaurants is still hotly debated.

Chef Andrew Gruel, the owner of California’s “Slapfish” restaurant chain, has in recent weeks argued against his state’s lockdown rules. Gruel argued that without restaurants and bars, people would gather in their homes where transmission is much worse.

He also railed against Gates in a series of Tweets.

Ted Cruz, despite being an early opponent of Trump, has since become a MAGA favorite. With his staunch opposition to lockdown, along with his commitment to fighting for election integrity, could he be a future Republican pick for president?