COVID CRAZY: KFC Drops Decades-Old “Finger-Lickin’” Slogan Over COVID-19 Fears

( For as long as most people can remember, KFC has boasted that its chicken is so tasty, it’s “finger-lickin’ good.” And, well, that’s probably what most people do when they’re eating KFC. Not during COVID, though.

During COVID, you’re not allowed to lick your fingers!

That is, according to the popular fried chicken chain which has decided to drop the slogan over fears that it didn’t feel “quite right” during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Sure, it might technically make sense, but was anybody avoiding licking their fingers while eating KFC because of COVID? Or not washing their hands before eating, as they would do under normal circumstances anyway?

From the start of this outbreak, one of the most important pieces of advice we were given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was to wash our hands frequently and avoid touching our face, including nose, mouth, and eyes.

Catherine Tan-Gillespie, the chief marketing officer for the fast food chain, said that they thought it was time to change the slogan because of the pandemic.

“We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit the current environment,” she said.

The good news is that this isn’t permanent. The slogan will come back once the pandemic has ended and world governments have finally got control over the spread of the virus. But does removing the slogan make much sense?

Could this just be a case of a company overreacting about COVID, or is this actually just a smart way of making the headlines? After all, if the chief marketing officer hadn’t announced the news, this story would never have been written and you wouldn’t have been thinking about KFC right now.

Is anyone else hungry for chicken?

The announcement that the slogan is changing has already appeared in a new series of advertisements for the brand, telling people how they can more safely eat fried chicken. The first ad blurs out the words “finger-lickin’” from a bucket of chicken.

It looks like we’ve been duped!