Cop UNDER INVESTIGATION After Exposing Defund Police Activists For Requesting Police Assistance

( You might have seen that Tik Tok video that went viral, which showed a police officer from Tacoma, Washington, laughing that “defund police” activists requested a police presence at one of their rallies. The video has more than 8.5 million hits so far and was shared widely by conservatives who are dismayed by the radical nature of these extremist rioters.

In the video, Officer Sam Lopez said that he was informed that there would be a protest to defund the police on the morning he filmed the video.

“Well, that’s fine, I like protests,” he said. “Except for they requested a police presence, you know, for their safety, at the defund the police event. I shit you not.”

The video really speaks for itself. The hypocrisy here is pretty crazy, which is precisely why the video got so many views. The fact that the message came from a real cop wearing his uniform made it all the more powerful…but now that cop is under investigation.

Officer Sam Lopez, according to a report from King 5, is being investigated because he had the audacity to…well, who knows.

Lyle Quasim, representing Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective, said that “Officers act in this way because they feel that there are no consequences for their actions.”

“He is using his position as a sworn police officer inappropriately by taking a political position on a movement that derives from the people that he has sworn to protect and serve,” the political activist claimed.

Quasim did not provide any evidence that Lopez did not protect the people who requested help. In fact, Lopez and his colleagues are understood to have provided protection to the anti-police activists regardless.

“There are rules and regulations, there are protocols that establish a prohibition for police officers to use their vehicles, their equipment, anything associated with their duty without authorization,” Quasim added. “And I’m sure he did not have authorization.”

Let’s get this straight. A police officer is now under investigation because far-left activists took issue with that officer appearing in a video wearing his uniform, commenting on how anti-police activists requested support from the police.

Where is the scandal here?