Company Tears Down Trump Billboard In New Hampshire After Complaints

( Following complaints from Democrat supporters in New Hampshire, a pro-Trump billboard paid for by a supporter of the president was torn down by the company that owned the ad space. The Trump 2020 billboard cost $2,600 and was paid for by a Trump supporter.

The billboard was put on a building in Nashua, New Hampshire, but was soon taken down by the company that put it up. The company that announced it would be removed even helped the Trump supporter design the poster, making the story that more bizarre.

Dave Streit, who paid for the billboard, said that he thinks Trump is an “unlikely conservative” who has kept his promises.

Speaking to The New Hampshire Union-Leader, Streit said that Trump has “delivered on every single promise, and we will never have a president like him again.”

The newspaper reporter that Outfront Media notified Streit on Monday that they would remove the billboard over the following couple of business days citing complaints from people who didn’t like it.

By Tuesday morning, the sign was reportedly removed.

Streit told the Union-Leader that he considered himself a political refugee, having moved to New Hampshire from Connecticut so he wouldn’t face the same difficulties for being a supporter of President Trump and a conservative.

“We are political refugees,” he explained. “We watched what liberals did to Connecticut, so we moved here to New Hampshire where you live free or die, and no sooner than we get here we are getting canceled. It is disgusting.”

The local newspaper contacted Outfront Media for comment, and received clarification from an account executive who said that they had complaints from the owners of the property regarding political ads.

“This is both Republican and Democrat,” the account executive claimed. “We’ve been asked to remove certain copy on certain boards throughout the state – one of which is your location on Main Street in Nashua.”

What do you think – would complaints prompt the removal of a pro-Democrat billboard?