CNN Removes Jim Acosta From Reporting From The White House Under Biden

(TheFreedomFlag)- After spending years lying about President Donald Trump and behaving unlike any other White House reporter, Jim Acosta is set to be removed from his role as White House reporter for far-left “news” network CNN.

Acosta, who has worked with CNN since 2007, has been the head of the network’s White House reporting team since 2018. However, under a Joe Biden administration, Acosta is set to move onto an anchor role on the network on the weekends. Acosta will also be the network’s chief domestic correspondent.

In a tweet, Acosta announced the news and said he was excited about the change.

It seems like CNN doesn’t need someone to shout at the president any more, now that their candidate of choice is set to be inaugurated.

Fox News, in announcing the move, described Acosta as a “combative questioner.”

Some might call him a radically left-wing shouter.

Conservative strategist Charis Barron also described Acosta as a “performance artist” to Fox News.

“The most glaring change is CNN’s decision to take performance artist Jim Acosta off the White House beat. Talk about showing your hand,” he said, suggesting that CNN now intends to give Biden an easy ride during questioning.

“Acosta will probably get shipped off to cover Mar-a-Lago where he can yell at Trump from outside,” Barron joked.

But these days, it doesn’t feel like that much of a joke. With Trump set to be impeached by Democrats again—this time for allegedly inciting a violent riot, despite telling his supporters to remain peaceful at all times—it seems as though the witch hunt will never end.

Acosta became big news during a press conference in 2018 when he continued battling with the president and refused to let go of the microphone when a female White House aide tried to remove it from him. It prompted his White House pass to be revoked, though it was quickly restored.

Who, now, will have the task of asking Joe Biden—who is famously averse to questioning—the tough questions?