Cindy McCain Tells Republicans To Give Up And “Move On”

( Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Senator John McCain, told Republican voters holding out for the results of lawsuits filed in several battleground states to give up and “move on,” telling them to support the Democratic presidential candidate.

McCain, who is no fan of President Donald Trump, still claims to be a Republican but also said that people in her party should throw their support behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This, she claimed, would allow the country to “heal.”

It’s what her late husband would want, she also claimed.

“He would be telling these people, ‘It is time that we move on. It’s time that we heal, it’s time that we support our President-elect and also encourage the GSA [General Services Administration] to release the funds so that he can get on with his transition team.”

McCain made the comments during an interview on far-left propaganda network CNN.

During the interview, she said that Joe Biden was an old friend of her family, and claimed he would be an “incredible president.” It’s an interesting claim for a woman who allegedly supports conservative ideals, given that Joe Biden ran on the most radically left-wing, progressive, and socialist platform in Democratic Party history.

Surely even John McCain would not be supportive of that.

“And not only that, I think that his standards, his values, the things he works for, working together, working across the aisle, making sure he does things not for himself but for the good of the country,” she claimed, without any sense of irony. “Those are the values that he’s always had, and I look forward to watching him and participating in this down the line. We’re just so excited here in Arizona.”

A Republican excited for a far-left Democratic executive, and for a candidate who ignored violence against conservatives orchestrated and carried out by Democrat voters?