Chris Cuomo Doesn’t Keep 2013 Promise…Interviews Brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- Back in 2013, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo promised that he would never interview his brother, Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. The decision was initially made to avoid interviewing his brother as a matter of maintaining professional objectivity.

Speaking to CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, Cuomo said, “I think it’s obvious. If it’s about his political career, his political actions or things that he must answer for, that’s for somebody else.”

Sounds reasonable! With a clear conflict of interest, Cuomo said he would never interview his brother and leave it to other CNN anchors and hosts to do it. Chris Cuomo had previously interviewed his brother about a train derailment that occurred in the state, which drew much criticism from the press and viewers.

But now, during one of the most controversial times in Cuomo’s career, the CNN anchor chose to go back on his 2013 promise and speak to the New York Governor about his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Not just one time, either. Chris Cuomo has interviewed his brother on several occasions throughout the coronavirus pandemic and doesn’t appear to have ruled out doing it again. For three consecutive Mondays, Governor Andrew Cuomo has appeared on Cuomo’s CNN segment answering questions about his response to the virus which some media commentators have described as “softball.”

In the most recent interview, on Monday, Chris Cuomo asked the NY Governor about rumors suggesting he was considering a presidential bid late in the game for 2020, or a future race.

“With all of this adulation that you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for president?” the CNN anchor asked Cuomo. “Tell the audience.”

Chris Cuomo then congratulated his brother for “doing the right thing” and “talking to the audience, being open with the media.”

“I know you’re working your tail off for everybody,” he added.

Can you imagine if a relative of President Trump worked at Fox News and was throwing softball questions like that to him? The Democrats would lose their minds!

Back on March 23, Chris Cuomo even asked his brother, “You’re the man right now. Why is that?”