China State Media Claims If Biden Stays On Trump’s Path America Is “Doomed”

(TheFreedomFlag)- Joe Biden has only been president a couple of days and already China is pressuring the United States government to reverse the various policies implemented by President Donald Trump that punished the communist nation.

In the Global Times, a state-run Chinese propaganda network, a piece warned on Thursday that America is “doomed” unless President Joe Biden adopts more pro-China policies that would make it easier for the country to take advantage of the United States.

The piece also complained that Biden failed to mention China during his inaugural speech, before laying out the terms that they expect the United States to agree to over the next four years.

And with Joe Biden’s history of capitulating to China during his time as vice president, it seems fairly likely that China’s policy proposals are at least a real possibility. The article said that if Biden wants to “remedy the deep damage left by Trump and re-engage with the world” then America must reinstate the “world’s most consequential bilateral relationship.”

It sounds like China isn’t happy about President Trump punishing the communist nation for manipulating their currency and pushing cheap products manufactured by virtual slave labor on Western markets.

The article also instructed the Biden administration to stop blaming China for the COVID-19 outbreak, despite the virus originating in China and the Chinese Communist Party doing very little to stop the spread of the virus to the rest of the world.,

Incredibly, the outlet even claimed victory for China’s efforts handling the virus, which have been much more brutal and restrictive than any Western nation. In the early days of the pandemic, Chinese citizens were seen being boarded in their own homes by military officers, many of whom were left to die.

And to top it off, the article warned that there will be “changes in tactics” if Joe Biden doesn’t start doing as China says.

It remains unclear exactly how Joe Biden intends to deal with China. Some speculate that he might push the communist nation to change its policies on human rights and end its various human rights abuses in exchange for relaxing economic pressure on the country. Others think Biden will simply undo all of President Trump’s work.

Either way, the communist nation would win under a Biden administration.

Are you excited to lose even more American manufacturing jobs? No, us neither…