China Funded Facebook Fact-Checker Is Now Censoring People Who Criticize It

( According To a report by the Federalist, social media giant Facebook is censoring criticism by its users of a fake fact-check article published by an “independent fact-check” that is financed by both Big Tech and China.

In “The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close,” the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway breaks down how a fake fact check report widely published on Facebook inaccurately claimed that footage showing Georgia election workers counting ballots without proper observation didn’t show what it quite obviously showed.

Hemingway debunked the fake fact check, which was performed by one of the so-called fact-checkers used by Facebook to determine what “fake news.”

As if social media using fake fact checks to spread disinformation wasn’t a bombshell enough, moments before the Federalist published their report on Facebook, followers of the Federalist were warned that the story contained “Partly False Information.”

LeadStories, the so-called “fact-checking” organization that is funded by Chinese-run ByteDance, as well as Google and Facebook, the CCTV footage showing Georgia ballot counters committing fraud doesn’t show that.

When it does.

Hemingway noted in The Federalist that the so-called “debunking” of the video relies heavily on comments made by government officials, without providing any evidence to the contrary. Many sworn affidavits from ballot observers who were there on the night, however, say otherwise.

State government officials have not signed sworn affidavits, but those who have say the opposite. The claims put forward in those affidavits were also made before the video came to light, and were backed up by the footage.

The 12-minute footage show observers being told to leave the room, before election officials pulled out suitcases of ballots from underneath a table and began counting them.

In one part of the clip, one election worker can also be seen entering batches of votes into a machine twice – something she appears to do at least three times.

The footage was shown in an evidentiary hearing in Georgia by attorney Jackie Pick, who noted that the footage proved Republican election observers right when they said they were lied to when election officials told them counting would stop and restart at 8:30 the next morning.

The “fact check” by LeadStories simply states that election officials in the state have dismissed the video, but provides zero evidence to suggest that the video doesn’t show election fraud.

If you want real news, you’re probably best avoiding Facebook entirely when accurate reporting – backed up by evidence – is labeled “partly false” while fake “fact checks” are promoted as fact.