Bill Maher Says Electing Biden MORE IMPORTANT Than Justice for Tara Reade

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- Bill Maher has long been seen as one of the more sensible left-wing Democrats. However, his most recent comments about Tara Reade and the allegations she made against presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden might change that.

On Friday’s episode of Real Time on HBO, Maher discussed the allegations made by Tara Rade about Joe Biden and dismissed them in the same way that high-profile Democrats like Nancy Pelosi has.

Maher started his show by stating that “just because Fox News is obsessed with the Biden sex assault allegations, it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be.”

Isn’t that remarkably different to how the Democrats behaved when then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault?

“You may have noticed that Donald Trump has one move, accuse you of the very thing he’s guilty of, puppet? ‘No puppet, you’re the puppet.’” He said. “Well, now, it’s Joe Biden grabs women by the pussy. Not that he even needs to say it, the ‘liberal’ media, and liberal party, is doing it for him, exactly what the Republicans wants, for us to go down the rabbit hole of Joe Biden, sex monster.”

Maher than started explaining how Tara Reade has been “contradicted by multiple people” and that her claims are not important enough to be taken seriously. Not only that, but he even dismissed the idea of thoroughly investigating the claims…the one thing that Joe Biden is clinging to after going back on his promise to believe all women. Ever since Biden was forced to deny the sexual assault allegations, he has clung to the promise that the incident should be investigated and Reade should be heard. But Maher doesn’t think it should be investigated at all.

He also said that electing Joe Biden was “More important than Tara Reade achieving closure,” before making a joke about Biden having sexually assaulted him in the past.

“I’m no good at being noble, either, but if in 1993, Joe Biden had grabbed my nuts in a corridor…and I had this knowledge, and revealing it could hurt the guy running against Trump, I’d save it for my memoirs,” he said.

This really doesn’t sound like “believe all women” any more, does it?