Biden’s Handlers Plan New Road Show To Prop Up Kamala Harris

( If you were beginning to think that the Democrats were already preparing to replace President Joe Biden with Kamala Harris, then you’re not crazy.

Not only has former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris predicted that the Democrats would invoke the 25th Amendment to replace Biden with Harris, during a recent interview on “The Cat’s Roundtable,” but a new report from Politico reveals how Biden and his handlers are plotting a “roadshow” that will prominently feature Vice President Kamala Harris.

It comes as the aging president faces increasing pressure to give his first press conference as President of the United States, after going more than 50 days without directly answering questions from the press.

He even broke a century-old record for waiting longer than all of his 15 predecessors to speak to the press.

On March 10, Politico published a piece entitled, “The Biden blitz is coming.”

It said that the Biden administration is planning more media, a “major speech,” an address to Congress, and a road show to show off Vice President Harris, “all with an eye on promoting the massive, soon-to-be passed Covid bill.”

And with an eye on promoting Kamala Harris, of course.

“Biden, first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and others will hit the road to tout, among other things: the $1,400 checks, how billions of dollars in the bill will reopen schools, and the investments being made in increasing the numbers of vaccinations,” the outlet reports.

People are noticing just how prominent Vice President Harris has been in Biden’s recent public appearances, hovering right behind the president every chance she gets.

“I don’t recall anytime in American Presidential history where a VP has hovered so much behind a president,” New Jersey Republican Tricia Flanagan wrote.

Harris has even taken calls with world leaders without President Biden in recent weeks, promoting those conversations on Twitter as if they are entirely normal.

Kamala Harris couldn’t even come close to winning the Democratic primary, but having been elevated to the position of Vice President courtesy of an old white man, she could soon find herself in the top job for several years.

Good luck, America.