( President Joe Biden’s latest bright idea is to spend $86 million of taxpayers’ money on putting illegal aliens into hotels for free.

Axios reported that the Biden administration is preparing to use yet more taxpayers’ cash on rewarding illegal aliens who cross the border after he promised “undocumented immigrants” amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.

Biden’s newest brainwave comes at a time when the border is reaching a breaking point, with some 100,000 illegals apprehended in February – roughly six times as many as the 16,000 apprehended in April last year. Over the weekend, the number of illegal alien children in border detention facilities reached 15,000, with new facilities being opened all the time to help ease the burden.

Axios noted that the growing number of illegal aliens attempting to cross the border was compounding with the issue of “overwhelming numbers of kids crossing the border without their parents or legal guardians” and that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will now be renting out hotel rooms.

Illegals will then be sent to hotels in Texas and Arizona for potentially a matter of months.

Meanwhile, nothing appears to be being done by the Biden administration to stop more people from crossing the border. Even with the Federal Emergency Management Agency at the border, the sheer number coming over the border is proving impossible to handle.

Republicans have slammed the Biden administration for refusing to admit that there is a crisis on the border, and for allowing gang members and sex offenders to cross into the United States as Border Patrol agents are too busy handling hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens already being processed.

Department of Homeland Security officials confirmed to Axios that 1,200 migrant families who cross the border from Mexico will be given the free hotel rooms, and that it will be facilitated through a contract with Texas nonprofit “Endeavors.”

The contract is for six months but could be “extended and expanded.”

President Biden is well on the way towards breaking records with his border crisis, with some experts predicting that as many as 2 million migrants could come across the border this year.

After dropping $1.9 trillion on a COVID relief bill that bails out Democrat-run cities and states, can America now afford to house thousands of illegal aliens in hotels?