Biden Says H-1B Foreign Workers “Built” America

( Joe Biden nailed his colors to the mast on immigration, yet again, telling NBC News that H-1B foreign workers “built” America and confirmed that if he became president, he would immediately change the measures put in place to restrict foreign workers coming into the United States. Biden confirmed that even during a time of economic crisis, with millions of Americans unemployed, he sides with foreign workers who compete with Americans.

During the June 27 NBC News town hall event, Biden said Trump “ended H1B visas the rest of this year” and “that will not be in my administration.”

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“The people coming on these visas have built this country,” Biden said.

Rosemark Jenks, the Policy Director at NumbersUSA, dismissed those claims.

“He said the H-1Bs built this country?” she asked. “So the country didn’t exist before 1990? That is interesting.”

Jenks said she thinks the USA will “see an increased number of parents realizing that their children will not do better than they did, and that is the antithesis of the American dreams.”

“If many college graduates cannot get good jobs, well-paying jobs, they are not going to be as successful as their parents, and we will have reversed one of the foundational principles of America – that we are a country of opportunity,” she added.

President Trump took action against H-1B visas on June 22, announcing that his reforms would make it easier for American university graduates to compete for highly specialized positions. He blocked new H-1B workers from entering the country until at least January 2021, and also directed government officials to complete new regulations that would only allow H-1B visas to employers who offer the highest pay. Trump’s reforms came as a result of grassroots campaigns from Republicans who argued that American workers should be put first when competing for American jobs.

As it stands, the H-1B visa program keeps around 600,000 foreign workers in white-collar jobs in the United States every year. This includes people who are not trained when they arrive, but who receive training upon arrival from countries like India.