Biden Ostracizing Police Unions, Which Used To Support Him

( Joe Biden used to be able to count on police unions for their unwavering support, but after continued recent calls for police reforms, it seems the Democratic candidate is making enemies out of former friends.

Law enforcement groups that used to support the presumptive Democratic nominee are not happy with his call for national policing reforms following the death of George Floyd. They say he isn’t showing enough solidarity with different law enforcement agencies as nationwide protests continue.

As the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, Bill Johnson, said:

“Clearly, he’s made a lot of changes the way candidates do during the primary process, but he kept moving left and fell off the deep end. For Joe Biden, police are shaking their heads because he used to be a stand-up guy who backed law enforcement. But it seems in his old age, for whatever reason, he’s writing a sad final chapter when it comes to supporting law enforcement.”

Biden is taking a cautious approach in regard to supporting police during these unsettled times, choosing instead to focus his public remarks on race, the rights of the protestors as well as the need for reforms for police.

On the flip side, President Donald Trump has been much more aggressive, threatening military-type action to restore “law and order” in the country. Trump’s campaign even recently criticized Biden for not mentioned the police officers who have been wounded and killed during the recent protests throughout the country.

NAPO and other police organizations normally support conservative candidates, but the organization endorsed Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012 because Biden was his vice president, according to Johnson. During that time, though, things have changed.

When the Black Lives Matter movement began following the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin at the hands of a neighborhood watchman, police organizations began moving more to the right. That’s because liberals made some of their top priorities the points of the BLM movement — systemic racism, the 1994 crime bill and police brutality.

This caused police organizations to move away from liberals, according to the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, Jim Pasco.

“There are two evolutions in two directions. On law-and-order issues, Biden was right of center: the ’94 crime bill, the Brady Law and enhanced penalties,” said Pasco, who worked closely with Biden on that 1994 crime bill and other legislation. “But as time has gone by, his positions have moderated, moderated, moderated to where we are today, where he would not be considered a law-and-order guy in the sense that law enforcement sees it.

“Also, as time has gone by, the law-enforcement community — especially the rank and file — has become far more conservative. Today, the FOP and other labor groups are far-less open to addressing gun-control issues, things that traditionally they supported and that Biden worked very closely and successfully with them on.”

Biden’s actions and statements recently are pushing him away from police unions and further toward progressives.