Biden Gives Putin A Win In First Days Of Presidency

(TheFreedomFlag)- For all the talk about President Donald Trump being a puppet of Russia, the Democrats handed Russian President Vladimir Putin a victory in the first few days of Joe Biden’s presidency.

On Wednesday, the Russian parliament’s lower house ratified a new five-year extension to the New START arms control treaty. It confirmed an extremely generous offer from newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden.

On the one hand, the Democrats say that Russia is a great threat to the United States and that the former president was in their pockets, and on the other hand, the newest Democrat president just handed a big victory to Vladimir Putin.

What’s the deal here?

President Donald Trump remained sceptical of the New START treaty for years and continued pushing for more concessions from Russia. The former president also expressed an interest in agreeing to a totally new trilateral agreement that would have also included China. But Joe Biden didn’t continue those negotiations, did not put more pressure on China, and simply gave a victory to what they say is America’s biggest enemy.

Former President Donald Trump’s administration said in July that “extended New START at this point would probably be the easy thing to do, but it may not be the right thing to do.”

“Getting China involved in some sort of an arms control framework is what’s needed today in order to save off a potential three-way arms race in the future,” an official from the Trump administration added at the time.

Incredibly, Joe Biden offered a five-year extension even though the Russians only asked for a one-year extension.

Yes. You read that right.

The New START treaty was signed in 2010 and expected to come to an end in February of this year.

Biden made the surprise gift to Russia during the first conversation between the two world leaders over the phone. On Tuesday, Deutsche Welle reported that the United States and Russia “agreed in principle” to extend the arms treaty by five years.

“A Kremlin description of the call between the two leaders said they had both ‘expressed satisfaction’ that diplomatic notes had been exchanged earlier Tuesday confirming that the treaty would be extended,” the outlet reported.

Is this why Joe Biden was so reluctant to tell the press what he spoke to Putin about following the call?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the two presidents decided to “work urgently” to iron out the details which will last for the remainder of Joe Biden’s term as president…and a year into the next presidency.

If President Trump runs again in 2024, it could mean just one extra year until he can implement a new deal that gets tougher on Russia.