Biden Calls For $200 Gun Tax And Wants Fingerprints Of Buyers

(TheFreedomFlag)- Just like Joe Biden lied when he said he wouldn’t ban fracking, his claims that he wouldn’t remove Second Amendment rights for Americans are also turning out to be false. New reports reveal how Joe Biden is set to put in place a new gun tax program that would tax firearm owners or pay people to hand them over to the government.

The Gateway Pundit reveals how President Joe Biden is proposing a $200 gun tax and firearm buyback program as well as a 13-page form for those purchasing new guns that requires a photograph and fingerprints.

Does this sound like a president that cares about Second Amendment rights to you?

The Gateway Pundit revealed a complex 13-page application form that people will soon be required to fill in when registering a new firearm, which includes a $200 tax for every gun a person owns. It’s not just another way for the government to make money from its citizens, but the program is likely going to be difficult to enact.

In 2020, Americans purchased a record number of guns as the nation descended into left-wing violence and chaos. Major American cities were impacted by consecutive nights of violence when Black Lives Matter and Antifa extremists began burning down buildings, shooting conservatives dead in the street, and terrorizing innocent Americans.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation revealed that some 8.4 million Americans bought their first guns in 2020, likely out of fear or the need to defend themselves.

Townhall also released some of the specifics of Biden’s new plan, which will require owners of semiautomatic rifles to either register their firearm and pay the tax or participate in a new national gun buyback program. The scheme would also include common household rifles and AR-15s…and if you don’t comply with the new rules, you’ll face up to $10,000 in fines and 10 years in prison.

President Joe Biden wants you in prison if you don’t register your legally-owned guns.

Townhall also explained how this is in direct violation to Biden’s pledge not to increase taxes on anybody earning less than $400,000 per year.

Remind us why the left-wing press isn’t keeping count of the lies told by President Biden?