Biden Appoints Far-Left Ocasio-Cortez to Climate Change Panel

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- In an effort to win over the young, overwhelmingly far-left supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, ageing presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will serve on his climate change panel throughout the remainder of his campaign. The news was reported by Reuters on Wednesday.

The question is…is it enough to win over those Sanders supporters who feel like they have been robbed of their nomination for a second time?

Ocasio-Cortez is one of the youngest people in politics and represents an extreme wing of the Democratic Party that believes in destroying the economy in the name of their theory on climate change. The decision to appoint her to the board was coordinated by both the Biden and Sanders campaign staff, and Ocasio-Cortez announced that she had accepted the appointment on Twitter.

“After conferring w/ grassroots activists and climate allies, I am accepting @BernieSanders’ nomination to co-chair the Climate Change Unity Task Force with Sec. @JohnKerry,” she said.

“Our planet is dangerously imperiled, and wherever there are decisions made, the people must have a voice,” she added.

It means that Ocasio-Cortez will serve as a representative of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

“She made the decision with members of the Climate Justice community – and she will be fully accountable to them and the larger advocacy community during this process,” an aide explained to Reuters. “She believes the movement will only be successful if we continue to apply pressure both inside and outside the system.”

Biden faces a problem in the coming election. He needs to somehow win over the younger supporters, whose politics are vastly different to the young people who Obama won over in 2008. Unlike the former president, Biden is struggling to attract young people onto his campaign.

Somehow, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee must also win over the regular, working-class people who elected Donald Trump in November with promises of jobs and reopening of many industries the Democrats were trying to close down over global warming scares. Biden must, somehow, square that circle if he is going to win the national election.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already admitted she will be voting for Biden in the coming election but has yet to officially endorse him. Between Sanders losing to a DNC candidate for a second time, and the accusations made against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade, it’s tough for AOC to get fully on board. And that’s probably true for many young Democrats too.